About The Peak Cannabis Co.

The Peak Cannabis Co. is a family owned, local, independent Cannabis retailer that strives to educate and listen to our consumers. We were founded with one vision in mind, “Superior customer service with a focus on education and keeping true to our love for the plant!”, The Peak Cannabis Co. does this by focusing on providing our customers with high quality products, expert advice and excellent customer service.   

The People

The Peak Cannabis Co. was founded by Will, Shayna and Elizabeth Forseth. Will came from a previous corporate back ground and wanted to switch his focus to follow his passion for Cannabis. He is an avid skier and crossfitter who loves to get away to the mountains on his downtime. Shayna has come from a background in Oil & Gas and bookkeeping. She found her love for cannabis first from being a medical consumer. She is passionate about the education with a special focus on first time consumers to the recreational market. Elizabeth has been a long time volunteer with a focus in the Indigenous Community. She is a large supporter of the Cannabis community.

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point ”

Barrack Obama

The Shop

The vision for our store was a focus on Organic materials that reflected our true love and escape. The mountains! We wanted a bright, open feel with Earth components such as stone, wood and plants. It is our intention that our customers feel welcome and at home in our store and that they leave feeling that their experience was comfortable and engaging. There is a lot to see and do and we always welcome the conversations, whether they be 5 minutes or an hour!
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